tunga nga temperatura pu foam polyurethane elastomer casting machine alang sa maleta nga ligid

Tunga nga temperatura PU foam polyurethane elastomer casting machine

Middle temperature PU foam polyurethane elastomer casting machine for suitcase wheel

PU Elastomer Casting Machine

High temperature resistant low speed high precision metering pump,accurate measurement,random error within±0.5%.

Material output adjusted by frequency converter with frequency conversion motor,high pressure and precision,simple and rapid rapid ratio control;

High performance mixing device,adjustable pressure,accurate material output synchronization and even mix;New type mechanical seal structure avoids reflux problem.

High-efficiency vacuum device with special mixing head ensures product no bubbles;

Adopting electromagnetic heating method to heat transfer oil,efficient and energy saving;Multi-point temp.control system ensures stable temperature,random error<±2°C.

Adopting PLC and touch screen man-machine interface to control pouring,automatic cleaning flush and air purge.stable performance.high operability,which can automatically distinguish,diagnose and alarm abnormal situations as well as display abnormal factors;

Dali nga mga Detalye

Processing Type:Foaming Machine, low pressure polyurethane machine
Kondisyon: Bag-o
Product Type:Foam Net
Dapit sa Sinugdanan: China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Pu elastomer casting machine
Model Number:Pu elastomer casting machine
Voltage:380V 50HZ
Power(W):25~31KW, 25-35KW
Dimension(L*W*H):2300*2000*2300 mm
Pagpalig-on: CE
Warranty:12 Months
Gitapos nga Serbisyo Gitanyag: Mga Engineer nga magamit sa makinarya sa gawas sa nasud
Product Name:PU Elastomer Casting Machine
Mix Head:Mix evenly, No bubble
Injection Pressure:0.01-0.1Mpa
Injection Time:0.5~99.99S (Correct to 0.01S)
Temperature Control:±2℃
Repeated Injection Accuracy:±1%
Color:Deep blue/cream color/red
Application:PU wheel etc